when i grow up i want to be …

when i grow up i want to be …

When I was 6 i wanted to be a musketeer as i loved the film Barbie And The Three Musketeers then when I was 7 I wanted to  have an amazing zoo. I planned all the animals I would have there and the restaurant I would have there,but now there are lots of other things I want to do so lets get into it…..

  1. An artist as I love art and drawing, so it would be great to have that as a job and I love lots of artists and their work so  could do my own versions of their paintings.
  2. A writer as its really fun writing story’s  and poems, also if I wrote a book I could do all the illustrations myself.
  3. A blogger, well I’ve already got a blog but one day I want thousands of people to see my blog!
  4. An interior designer, i love designing my room and decorating it with all my DIY’s!
  5. A radio presenter, whenever we listen to the radio i always say “i like this song, i like this song” (which annoys my parents 🙂 ).  I am good remember songs names and artists plus when you are a radio presenter you get to interview lot’s of celebrities and that would be amazing!
  6. A water slide tester, i am not afraid of water slides and i enjoy going on them… so what better than getting paid for it??
  7. A photographer,i love taking pictures of my friends. I would love to travel the world taking pictures of animals in their natural habitats.
  8. A fashion designer, firstly i love my clothes! I could design my entire wardrobe with all my wonderful creations.
  9. A holiday reviewer, like the water slide tester you get paid for going on holiday so what could be better than that?
  10. A magazine editor, i could put in all my favourite celebrities, choose the photos that go in it and the content.

These are my dream jobs, they may well change over time but at the moment this is what i would like to do. Follow your dreams!!! Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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