Trolls film review

Trolls film review

Today I watched the film  Trolls at the cinema, its super funny and  the happiest film ever with rainbows sparkles and music.Its about a village of colourful crazy  trolls who love to party, they are celebrating 20 years of not being eaten by the monster Burgens. The nasty burgens think that the only way to be happy is to eat trolls. One of the bergens find them and takes lots of  the trolls away. So poppy and Branch go to rescue them. Poppy is a really fun troll who loves singing and hugging other trolls, but Branch is a sad troll who is always worried that the bergens will eat them. My favourite characters are mr tinkies who is SOOOOO cute and Diamond as he can shoot glitter out of his BUTT.

I really hope you enjoyed this review byyyyye.

trolls trolls2


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