The Llama Park

The Llama Park

Hello everybody and in today’s post i’m going to tell you about the llama park I went to as it was soooooo much fun. So lets get into it!!!

For my Birthday this year my family gave me a voucher to adopt a Llama and take a walk with one round the woods. We went to The Llama Park in Forest Row East Sussex, set in 33 acres of woods the farm does not just have Cute Llamas, there was pigs ,goats ,alpacas ,reindeer ,donkeys ,chickens  and some beautiful peacocks just wandering around the farm. There was even a Llama called Teddy who was allowed to walk around wherever he wanted to. The Llamas were very calm and friendly and would let us stroke them and get very close, I think they liked the attention

We had a great time around the farm looking at all the animals, then it was time for our Llama walk.  The Farm handlers told us some fun Llama facts and everybody got to choose  the Llama they wanted to walk with. I started of by holding Freddie, he was a very greedy Llama who kept on stopping to take a bite of the leaves on the trees, this slowed me down and all the other Llamas were far ahead of us but Freddie didnt mind, he just wanted to have a lazy walk and eat trees! We stopped to feed the Llamas carrots out of our hands as it was there favourite treat, but Freddie stole a bunch of them from out of the bag !!! He was a bit slobbery! After feeding them we set off through the forest again and I decided to change Llamas and walk with Nicholas (who luckily didn’t eat as much as Freddy) he loved walking through the woods so he could scratch his back on the trees. The Llamas were all different shapes, sizes ages and colours, but they were all so cute and friendly ( except Brad Pitt the Llama, he was a bit rowdy!! and Famous for once running away) This was now the end of our exciting walk, we gave back our Llamas had to give back our llamas and said Goodbye.

Now I had a massive decision to make … What llama was I going to adopt !!!

I chose NICHOLAS !!!!!!!!! He has white fur and a big brown patch around one of his eyes. He was born on the 8th of January 2004 (that means he is older than me!) he is in the llama walking team and famous for being the Llama on Tesco Llama crackers. He even predicted the Euro football results. I chose Nicholas because he was so well behaved on the walk and had a cute goofy grin.

My Amazing Llama Facts!!!

  • Llamas come from South America, Peru ,Chile and Bolivia.
  • Llamas live for about 15- 20 years.
  • Llamas eat grass and hay.
  • A baby llama is called a cria but are sometimes called calves. 
  •  Llamas normally way about 120 – 170 kg and are normally stand at 1.3 metres.
  • Llamas only Spit if they feel afraid and feel provoked

So I hope you all enjoyed this post and you should defiantly go to the The  Llama park, and have a look at the animals ( say hit to Nicholas for me) I am sure you will enjoy it. Byyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!





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