The Greatest Showman Film Review !!!

The Greatest Showman Film Review !!!

Hello everybody, how are you. In todays post im going to do a review on a film i watched at the cinema recently and  am now obsessed with called The greatest showman. So lets get into the review !!!

The greatest showman is a new film about the beginning of the circus and the freak shows.

I  love it as its just a film that you can watch over and over again and never get bored. Also it shows everybody should be treated as  equlls and that being diffrent is a good thing.

Its really hard to choose my favourite charicter so ill tell you my two favourite :

Firstly Anne wheeler who is played by Zendaya as she is the trapeze artist,she has pink hair ,and  by Zendaya  is my favourite actress.

And also Lettie Lutz (the bearded lady ) Who is played by Keala Settle as she has the most AMAZING voice that you really wouldnt expect from her.

My real favourite part of this wonderfull film is THE SONGS because it is a musical. Hounestly since i watched the film afew wqeeks ago i have listend to the songs probably 100 times  im even listening to the soundtrack now as im writing ( and danceing ).My favourite songs are … The Other Side , Rewrite The Stars , Never Enouth , and This Is Me.

So i hope you have enjoyed this blog post and i would definately reccomend going to watch is as im pretty sure you will love it. Thank you for reading and BY

Donuts and Diamonds Film Rating :


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  1. Darcy there’s a few spelling mistakes in this!


  2. I toatally agree this film is amazing I even did a whole project on it!


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