Shampooheads shampoo review

Shampooheads shampoo review

Hello everybody and today I am going to do a review on some Shampooheads shampoo as quite a while ago I
was sent some lovely shampoos so lets get into it.

  • First was Strawberry Kiss Shampoo, this smells AMAZING as the scent reminds me of when i was little – i went to the park with one of my best friends and we had a picnic with strawberries and cream yummy!!! This also came with a great conditioner, this is excellent as well.
  • next is Tropical Twist Shampoo and this one is my favourite of all the shampoos as firstly it smells great and secondly its the best shampoo I have ever used, My hair is very long and always knotty, it works wonderfully and i use this one all the time. There’s is a superb Tropical Twist conditioner as well that smells like a tasty fruit salad!!
  • also in the Shampooheads range is Blueberry burst Shampoo, this scent smells like having homemade blueberry ¬†muffins that have just come from the oven, this again feels beautifully soft on your hair and works the knots great, and this comes with a sculpting gel for short hair, my hair is all the way down my back so i have not actually used it but i imagine it will work great on short hair.
  • I was also sent a swim Conditioner, so after you go swimming this will get all ¬†the chlorine and other chemicals out of your hair and you can also use this on your skin to wash.
  • With the strawberry kiss range there is also a hair spray for detangling knots and taming hair, it smells lovely and makes my hair feel very soft and smooth.

So I hope you enjoyed this post and you should Absolutely buy some of this amazing shampoo byyeeeeeeeee






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  1. Thanks Darcy will def be getting jaz some of the tropical shampoo for her curly hair.


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