Save The Flies !!!!!!

Save The Flies !!!!!!

Hello everybody and in today’s post i am going to tell you about how and why you should save the flies. We save lions and other endangered animals but no one seems to care about the little Fly, they are alive as well and entitled to a life so why should we kill them for no reason. So lets get into it!!!!

Why should we help save the Fly: Some species of flies help pollinate flowers and this is important to other insects and also to us humans,  farmers sometimes introduce  fruit flies in the farms to keep away other bugs from harming the animals and crops ,maggot flies are loved by gardeners as they eat aphids ( These are tiny bugs that eat and destroy plants and flowers)

How can we help: You can help save flies by not swatting or stamping on them or killing them, telling your friends to not kill them, let them fly in your house or garden and put ham and bread in your garden as they love it to eat.

Why do we heart flies : People kill flies as they fly around your house and even because you are scared of them, how can you be scared of a tiny flying insect that cant hurt you or do anything to you , people kill them because they are just annoying, which is horrible as they are just trying to live their life.

Flies will be endangered soon if we don’t stop killing them and treating them horribly, and they only live a short life. Even if you don’t like flies or find them annoying still don’t kill them as they are important too.



5 Fly Facts

There are over 100,00 different species of fly

A house flies life span is 28 days

House flies taste with their feet

Fruit flies only live for 10 days

Baby flies are called larva but are also known as maggots


So I hope you liked reading this post and keep saving the flies, remember even though they are not endangered they still don’t deserve to die so that’s the end of this post byyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee






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  1. Love this post. I will never kill a fly again 😁


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