My Ultimate favourites

My Ultimate favourites

Hello everybody and today i’m going to be telling you my ultimate favourites so lets get into it


  • First is a series of books called girls can vlog these books are amazing and i have already done a review on one of the books called amazing Abby drama queen as its my favourite book in the series. I love these books as i love youtube and books so this book is like putting them together and making great characters in it. My favourite character is Jessica as she is really sporty and fun
  • Next is a book called the Bolds this book is so funny as its about a family of hyenas who try to live a human life in a real house and one of the characters is called Bobby just like my dog and he even acts like bobby as he is cheeky and loves to run around.


  • My first favourite toy is an elephant teddy i called pom. I got him when i was a baby from my nanny and its so cute as its even wearing a pink jumper covered in stars and a cute little hood.
  • Then its  squishy ears (I know the names weird ) me and my BFF Giorgia named him before we got our ears pierced together and while I was getting my ears pierced I squeezed him so my ears wouldn’t hurt, but another weird thing is that he dosent have any ears as he is a lizard.


  • First is this lovely hoodie that says sunset park,  it is green, pink and blue and is lovely as all the colours fade into each other also the inside is so soft witch makes is comfy to wear that is from h&m.
  • Next is a vest like black top that says girls rock tour and the material looks like denim its sooooo nice this top is also from h&m


  • My first favourite app is a game called happy hop and this game is so fun and addictive also the little character is a unicorn blob.
  • And of course my other favourite app is youtube of course as its just the best ever app.

So I hope you enjoyed this post and in the comments below tell me one of your favourite things byyyyyeeeeeeeeeeee


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  1. I love the blog Darcy its great, well done! i remember squishy ears, he is so cute. i loved reading and looking at the pictures and again WELL DONE! my favourite thing was………….SQUISHY EARS!


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