My Top Four Animal Websites And My Favourite Animals

My Top Four Animal Websites And My Favourite Animals

Hello everybody and in today’s post i’m going to tell you my top four animal websites for anyone who loves animals so lets get into it.

  1. ZooBorns is a animal website that tells you about new born animals in zoos around the world. There is loads of animals you can find out about like bats ,bonobo and koalas, those are my favourites and there is loads more so you can see all your favourite animals.
  2. Cute overload is a website that just shows you cute photos and videos of animals and there is also animal comics.
  3. Act for wildlife is a charity  website to help endangered animals such as Asian Elephants and Black Rhinos, so you can donate money or you can fundraise using some suggestions it gives you. You can  find news about endangered animals and  how we are helping them.
  4. WWF is a charity that helps endangered  species by letting you adopt them, if you adopt an animal you receive an animal pack with updates on the animal and a free teddy.  You can also donate anything from £3 to £200 to help save all the animals species on the endangered list.




  1. Dolphins as firstly they are one of the cleverest animals so they can do lots tricks like leaping up into the air and letting people ride them. I also love them as dolphins have been known to save drowning humans by getting them on their back and taking them back to the surface . One day I swam with dolphins and it was one of my best days ever as i was in the dolphin show that night where i had to row a boat while dolphins leaped over my head splashing me.
  2. Lions as they are really fierce and the leaders of the jungle so they tell all the animals what to do. And they are so beautiful with their amazing mane and soft golden fur.


So I hope you enjoyed this post and you should definitely check out these websites as they are all amazing also in the comments below tell me your favourite animals mine are dolphins and lions. byyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee



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