My Top 5 Favourite Vloggers

My Top 5 Favourite Vloggers


My Favourite Vloggers

Hello everybody, today I am going to tell you my favourite Vloggers as I watch a LOT of vlogs so lets get into it!

  1. MAYBABY as I love her DIY’s and she is always super fun!
  2. Cherry Wallis. Me and my best friend Giorgia always watch her and love her Candy videos, especially trying American Candy!
  3. Zoella, Her “Day In The Life” videos are great on More Zoella
  4. Niki And Gabi as they are both really different and do great videos together, I especially like their sisters “Expectations versus Reality” ones.
  5. Lovevie, She is my favourite vlogger as all of her Vlogs are just THE BEST but my favourites are the “Teen Versus Child” ones.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this list of my favourite vloggers and feel free to use the links to check them out for yourselves. Until next time byeeeeeee.


cherry maybaby love nandg zoella



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