My Top 5 Favourite Kawaii Apps!

My Top 5 Favourite Kawaii Apps!

Hello everybody today Im going to be telling you my top 5  kawaii apps as im obsessed with kawaii its all so CUTE so lets get into it

  1. The game kawaii panda is just like flappy birds but with a kawaii panda its sooooo fun.
  2. Fun2draw cute n kawaii is a drawing app so it teaches you how to draw things like a Ice cream girl and love girl.
  3. pakka pets is defintly my favourite game you get baby pets you have to train them to  eat there food invented by you  when you buy new foods if you mix 3 together a new tasty creation will be made.
  4. sailor drops is like candy crush but its with SAILOR MOON she looks amazing.
  5. Hello kawaii stickers is a  sticker app  where you take a selfie  then add kawaii stickers to make your selfie perfect.

So I hope youve enjoyed reading about my favourite kawaii apps and you will download some of these apps byyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

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  1. Now I’ve downloaded all of those apps! thanks they look great!


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