My Summer Shopping Spree At Claire’s,Smiggle And Tiger!

My Summer Shopping Spree At Claire’s,Smiggle And Tiger!

A couple of days ago we went to Brighton and bought lot’s of pretty and cool stuff! Most of it was for school but i did buy a few bits for home.

The first shop we went to was Claire’s and i bought 6 things there because they were doing an offer there where if you buy 6 things you get the 3 cheapest for free. So…. i bought these 3 notebooks that came in a set with Eiffel Towers on and one with stripes with the words “Follow Your Dreams” in gold.

The next thing i bought from Claire’s was a pack of Emoji gel pens in bright colours and i will use them lot’s at school. After i found one necklace that split in half and i can give the other half to my best friend, it is in the colours of the American flag which is good as they are some of my favourite colours! The things i got for free from Claire’s were three Pucker Pops lip balms, one was pink with a moustache the other was wearing a pink Tutu with it’s eyes shut and the last had some pink sequin headphones on, they all have different scents.

Next we went to Smiggle because i have been wanting to go there for ages! So…. i bought a silver pencil case with the word “Smiggle”  in the middle. then i bought a blue pencil with a dog’s head rubber on the top, it is really cute and i love it! After i found one of those pencils you don’t need to sharpen with cupcakes on and i just had to buy it!

Next was Tiger and i found a 3d handbook that changes from green to yellow and i loved it so much i again had to buy it and it will fit in my blazer pocket when i go back to school.

I hope you have enjoyed my Brighton haul and i am really excited to post more stuff like this!

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