My London Shopping Haul

My London Shopping Haul

Hello everybody and today I am going to tell you about all the things I purchased on my weekend in London…..

  • Firstly when I went to watch the X Factor tour which was amazing I brought this Lanyard necklace and it has a pictures of all the singers on the tour on one side, and the dates of the tour on the back.
  • From ‘Art Box’ a kawaii shop in Covent Garden I got: an amazing starry sugar note book with the cutest kittys and bears ever, also in the notebook is a section for friendship notes and a photo, and at the back is a place to list all your favourite things ( well i think this is what it is as its all written in Japanese!!)
  • A YAN YAN pot, it is like one of those Chocolate nutella dips but its a Japanese sweet and the dip is strawberry flavour.
  • Some super cute sticker packs with little bunnies called happiness birthday rabbits they are adorable.
  • A pot of butter scented popcorn bear erasers, they are blue with bear faces on, They dont smell but they are still too cute to use.
  • I got a little Sailor Moon charm, apparently it is a lucky charm and I love it
  • A Limited Edition Sailor moon locket that is beautitful and has a heart gem on the front, inside you could put something tiny in to keep safe and secret.
  • Next we went to Selfridges and I got:
  • A stapler with a cat mermaid on top, i dont really need a stapler but its beautiful!
  • A golden metallic troll with  lovely black hair, he is one of the Trolls reom the 1990s,  he is amazing and its so much fun styling his hair.
  • White and Mint green Trainers with a big fluffy Pompom on the laces, they are cool and comfy!

So i hope you’ve enjoyed this post and i love everything i brought byyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


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