My Kawaii Box Review!!!!

My Kawaii Box Review!!!!

Hello everybody and today im going to be doing a kawaii box review, kawaii box is a monthly subscription box and has all the cute Japanese things you could ever dream of. I got a kawaii box subscription for three months and as its my last month I am going to tell you what was inside last months box. So lets get into it.

  • First I got an adorable little twin stars purse, its pink and sooooooo fluffy there is a lovey pink bow on it as well .
  • Next in the box was an amazing pink macaroon luggage tag and this year i am going to be using it as im going on two amazing holidays.
  • There was some really cute puffy stickers, they are tiny bunnies holding hearts, strawberries and carrots.
  • Three carrot rubber erasers, they are to cute to use.
  • Also in the Kawaii Box was some Disney chocolate filled biscuits ive not eaten these yet as i am going to save these and vlog about tasting Japanese Sweets.
  • Panda face  sticky notes and you write in his pink mouth.
  • A candy gel pen, its great as its very thin and easy to write with. At first I thought it was real candy and tried sucking the bead hanging from the lid. Yuck!
  • Two badges –  one is a donut with pink icing and rainbow sprinkles and the other one is a pink ice smoothie, im  going to wear these a lot.
  • I got some temporary tattoos and my  favourites are a unicorn with the word amazing above and some bright red cherries.
  • lastly is these three cat magnetic book marks, I love them one has an orange woolly hat one is wearing a green frog costume and one has a massive red strawberry hat .

so I hope you enjoyed this post and if you love all things cute you should get a subscription and try it and kawaii your life byyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

darcy kawaii




  1. hi dare this is Oscar

  2. sorry darcy


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