My Justice Haul And Review

My Justice Haul And Review

In America i discovered a GREAT shop called Justice it has loads of lovely clothes, accessorises,makeup and stationery. It was a bit like Claire’s Accessories  but with clothes and is a lot bigger.

This is what i bought in my haul:-

  • A pair of really pretty shorts, they are dark blue with pom pom edges and have a flowery pattern. I thought they would be comfy as they are quite baggy.
  • A grey hoodie that said Justice in rainbow colours, i really liked that on each arm there were two white stripes. I think it is so cosy and i LOVE it.
  • I bought three Emoji headbands that came in a set and i am OBSESSED with Emoji’s, they are really cute!
  • A pink nightie and it has pictures of dogs and cats on it. Under it said class clown, future fashion blogger, most likely to be day dreaming and other phrases.
  • The last thing i bought was for my friends, i got one a “J” key-ring with gold tassels and the other girl a scented notebook with a “G” and a cupcake background.

I hope you liked this Justice haul and i will be uploading two more posts each week. This was my first post on my blog and i hope you enjoyed it!

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