My Dog Bobby

My Dog Bobby


Hello everybody, today I wanted to write about something different to normal and to tell you about my dog Bobby!

I wanted a dog so much 3 years ago, as back then I was OBSESSED with animals, now I am obsessed with Bobby, I love him so much. We got Bobby when I was 6 years old, he really is the best dog ever and is so cute + he just loves sitting on the sofa, watching TV and barking at the birds outside.

He LOVES going to the woods where he chases birds and tries to catch them, I really do not know what he would do if he caught one, he probably wouldn’t eat it (I hope). I am pretty confident he won’t catch one anyway as he tries every day and has not got close yet!!

His favourite toy is his Reindeer toy but he played with it so much at Xmas that it broke and the stuffing came out of it, poor Bobby whimpered all day after that  so we bought him another one and he loves it, running around like a mad dog, squeaking it.

He is a really cute, ginger, King Charles Cavalier and he has a lovely white stripe down his forehead, his fur is really beautiful it is literally the softest thing ever.

I hope you have enjoyed learning about Bobby, if you are thinking about getting a dog you will never regret it, they will become your best friends!

Until next time Byeeeeeeeee


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