My Amazing Holiday In America !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Amazing Holiday In America !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello everybody and in todays post im going to tell you all about my amazing holiday in America so lets get into it !!!

I went to New York For 3 days with my family and we tried to see as much of the tourist attractions as we could, Here is what i did in NYC:

The Empire State Building was very TALL, We got a super fast lift to the 85th Floor and then walked up to the top to get there quicker, it was tiring, but once we was at the top it was worth it as the view was incredible. It was late afternoon and the sun was just setting across Manhattan, we could see The Freedom Tower, Macys, The statue of Liberty and Central Park. It was great to start our trip with this view of the famous NYC skyline.

The next day we cycled bikes through Central Park, we saw little turtles in the Lake and got up close to them when we went on a paddle boat, we cycled all the way to Strawberry Fields, and walked to the top of Belvedere Castle where lots of famous films like Ella Enchanted and Home Alone were filmed.

Times Square was so busy, its full of Crazyness and BIG flashing Adverts. The is alot of street entertainers and Artists such as the Famous Naked Cowboy (he was wearing pants luckily!!) , we had a picture taken with a giant man dressed up as The Statue of Liberty! Lots of shops like Macys, Line Friends, The Disney Store and Hersheys. We had dinner here one night at Planet Hollywood, This is a fun restaurant owned by famous Actors and the meals were Massive but tasted amazing.

Whilst we waited to get a boat ride to see the Statue of Liberty, i dropped my flip flop in the river, so i had to hop around the city all day with one shoe!! The boat ride was really fun and it was great to see NYC from the water. The Statue of Liberty was GIANT!! and also really pretty.

In the Evening we saw a theatre show on Broadway, We saw the crazy and weird Blue Man Group, 3 odd blue painted men on stage doing drums and crazy pieces of art made of sweets. It was lots of fun to watch!!

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We then flew to South Carolina to stay on Hilton Head Island for a week.

We stayed in a massive mansion on the Beach, we had our own swimming Pool and Jacuzzi, so we spent lots of time in the pool with our Unicorn and Swan inflatables. The House was right on the beach with views over the Atlantic Ocean. In the night Turtles come up on the beach to lay eggs, you are not allowed to have your House lights on past 10pm, as the turtles can mistake the light for the horizon, this means that when they hatch the will go the wrong way and not towards the sea. We went out one night to try and find some turtles but only found some very cute crabs.

We rented out bikes and rode on the beach and to the shops, I loved riding on the beach, and as we rode through the edge of the water the waves splashed up on you. One day we we saw 3 dolphins in a row jumping out of the sea!

One night we went to the harbour and looked for dolphins on a boat we saw lots of dolphin fins, but really we saw more dolphins looking out of our window at the house. Also one day we went Kayaking in the sea and had lots of dolphins swimming about 5 metres away, it was really amazing to see all the dolphins, and there was also a big pelican on the beach. We kayaked to a restaurant where we found a bar called up the Creek, we went back here that evening as they had an animal handling event. We got to hold a baby Alligator, its skin was really smooth and he was calmer than i though it would be. We also held a snake and it was trying to slither in my top. My favourites were a tiny gecko and a naughty Racoon.

I had an amazing holiday here and i cant wait to go back!!!

Thank you for reading byyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


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