Fidget cube Versus Fidget Spinner Review, FIGHHHHHT!!!

Fidget cube Versus Fidget Spinner Review, FIGHHHHHT!!!

Hello Everybody! Today i am going to be doing a Fidget Cube Versus Fidget Spinner FIGHT!

First, in the spinner corner we have the aluminium, metallic, Rose coloured fidget spinner weighing in at 22 grams. Also in the spinner corner we have a smaller,metallic gold mini-spinner, weighing in at 10 grams exactly.

Over in the fidget corner we have the Envolve green camouflage printed fidget cube, weighing in at 12 grams with 6 sides for your fidgeting pleasure.

The Rose coloured Spinner

This spinner is very stylish and is a really pretty colour. Put to our spin test it spins for a whole three minutes. It is easily spin-able and even poor spinners can spin it adequately! When you spin it it feels relaxing and it is small enough to fit in your pocket, ideal when you are….on the go!

Gold Metallic Mini-Spinner

This spinner is even smaller and lighter than the rose coloured one above. It fits anywhere, even in the smallest of pockets. It is even easier to spin and seems to spin faster than any other spinner i have tried. It spins for just over 2 minutes but what it lacks in spin time it makes up for in style!

Green Camouflage Fidget Cube

This “green” fidget could arguably be grey. It has a stylish very stylish darling, camouflage army pattern covering it’s 6 sides. my favourite of the sides is the flick switch side which is like a light switch.  It is surprisingly addictive once you start fidgeting with it. I actually don’t find it that relaxing and in fact i find the noises quite annoying. That said, i cannot stop clicking it, help me stoppppppp!!!!

So the results are in ladies and gentleman. The winner is the mini-gold spinner. I chose this because:-

  • It is the easiest to Spin
  • It is the lightest and smallest
  • It is very stylish darling!

One of the mini spinners will cost you around £9.99 which is worth every penny! Once you get started spinning it, you will be addicted FOREVER!


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