About Me

Donuts & Diamonds

My name is Darcy I’m 10 years old and obsessed with unicorns and I love art. Here are a few of my favourite things…….

Animals: ALL animals

Books: My favourite books are all the Harry Potter books and Dragons Green 

Films: All the Harry Potter films

Vloggers: Cherry Wallis and  Laurdiy

Shops: Typo and New Look

Popstars: Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande

Television Program: Andi – Mac and Ravens Home

Emojis: poo and unicorn

Songs: Dont kill my vibe by Sigrid

Food: Sushi and pizza

Sweets: Haribos

Colours: Blue and bronze

Places I have Visited: New Forest, Las Vegas, Lapland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Turkey, Paris , Italy ,New York ,South Carilina

Places i want to visit: Hawaii ,Australia, Tokyo and Egypt , a Rainforest , Africa ,Aisa

Subjects: Art

In the comments below tell me about your favourite things….byeeee