Getting my Ears Pierced

Getting my Ears Pierced

Getting my ears pierced on a FUN day!!


In the Summer Holidays my best friend and I got our ears pierced at the local Jewellery Shop, We were both really scared and worried about how much it would hurt, but also super exited as we had been wanting to wear earrings for ages . We took a special teddy called Squishy to help us forget about the pain. When we got to the shop I went first, they cleaned my ears and then drew a black dot where they were going to pierce my ears, they took out something that looked like a stapler and then on the count of three 1….2……3 they pierced my ears, it hurt so much!!!!!!!!!

But after 5 minutes  I loved them so much and was really pleased that I had it done. When we were walking back home we found a shop that sold these toys called tsum tsum, they are all stackable Disney characters so I brought Dumbo as that is one of my favourite Disney films .

For my birthday I got 5 lovely pairs of earrings, one pair is from my Grandma they are gold with silver jewels in,  my sister gave me some pretty earrings one is a bird the other is a tree and they are very cute. I got 2 pairs from my nanny, pink heart studs that I can wear to school and my favourite earrings were these cherry ones that are so cool and fun! I also brought some cat earrings from Claire’s Accessories that are very nice and I can wear them to school.


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